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Anhui Gujing Shuangxi Winery Co. Guilin Company
Changyu Hangzhou Winery
Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd Huadong
Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Huadong Winery
Changyu Wine Pioneer Huaxia Wines
Château Bolongbao Hunan Xiangquan Group
Chateau Changyu-Castel Co. Ltd JinChuang Winery
China Anhui Shuanglun Kuei Hua
China Goverment Les Champs d'Or
China Great Wall Wine Co. Luray Limited
China Great Wall Wine Company Ltd. Ninxiahong
China Silk Rose Manor
Chuangshihuaxia Shange Li-La
Dragon Seal Shangeli-La Winery
Dragon's Hollow Suntime
Dynasty Tonghua
Feng Shou Vinliz
Grace Vineyard Xiao Wang
Great Wall Yantai Huaqiao Winery Co. Ltd
Greatwall Yantai Landsun Manor Wine Co. Ltd

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